Why are we removing the CommBank tablet app?

  • To continue giving our customers the best banking experience, it’s time to say goodbye to the CommBank tablet app. Make the switch to NetBank or the CommBank app today.

    What are my options if I use a tablet?

    You can still do your online banking using NetBank or the latest version of the CommBank app. To use either of these options, you’ll need your log on details including client number and password. Retrieve your log on details if you’ve forgotten them.

    If you need help making the switch to these other ways of banking (including accessibility services such as a translator or interpreter), call us on 13 2221 or visit a branch.


  • What are the benefits of using NetBank and the CommBank app?

    • Latest technology to help you stay safe online
    • Compatible with screen readers
    • Additional features not available in the CommBank tablet app

    What additional features are available in the CommBank app?

    How can I increase the screen size of the CommBank app on my tablet?

    Simply tap the circle with the two arrows that’s located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. The view will then expand to fill the screen of your tablet.

    How can I increase the font size of the CommBank app on my tablet?

    Increasing the font size in your tablet settings will automatically increase the font size of the CommBank app. Here’s how:

    • iOS: go to Settings, Accessibility, Display & Text Size, then choose Larger Text
    • Android: go to Settings, Accessibility, Font Size, then drag the slider to increase the font size

    Does the CommBank app support screen readers?

    The CommBank app is fully compatible with screen readers on iOS and Android devices. 

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