What’s the New Payment Platform? 

The New Payments Platform or NPP has been developed to significantly improve the speed and convenience of making and receiving payments between participating Australian banks.  

  • Optimise your working capital: Make or receive payments in real-time, 24/7, request instant payment of late bills (future feature), and reduce the number of exceptions due to enhanced data and smart addressing
  • Improve your customers’ experience: Your customers can make and receive payments, linked to your transaction account, with confidence and security, enabling faster fulfilment of services or products
  • Increase operational efficiencies: Integrate your accounting or business management software with NPP to enable end-to-end, real-time payment and reconciliation, saving you time and money by eliminating manual intervention
  • Receive richer payment information: With up to 1,400 data fields available, including 280 characters of free text, more information can be embedded into payment messages; in future you'll be able to send a document like a remittance, with your payment or with a payment request, like a tax invoice

We’ll be rolling out NPP functionality throughout 2018 to support out business and institutional customers. 

What is PayID?

PayID makes sending and receiving payments on the NPP simpler and faster. By linking an account to a simple identifier, like a mobile number, you no longer need to remember a BSB and account number to make and receive payments.

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What is Osko?

Osko by BPay is a service built on the NPP to facilitate the sending and receiving of real time payments using our mobile app as well as our online banking services, NetBank and CommBiz. 

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