Why register to use PayID for your business?

  • Optimise cash flow – receive payments in less than a minute1
  • Make it easy for your customers – no more scrambling for your BSB and account number to pay you
  • Simplifies account reconciliation – receive rich payment information with 280 characters of text
  • Mobile – available through the CommBank app
  • Online – available when you log on to NetBank
  • Secure – backed by our 100% Security Guarantee

Keep in mind you can only register a single PayID to one account at a time. This means if you register your mobile number to your personal account, you won’t be able to use it as a PayID with any of the other accounts you have (like a business transaction account). You can always register another PayID type such as an email address.

What is an Osko® payment?

  • Osko by BPAY® is a secure payment service which enables you to send and receive near real-time payments using a PayID on the New Payments Platform
  • The service is available within the CommBank App, NetBank and CommBiz
  • You won’t need to look for Osko® in the app, as you’ll automatically be using the service when it’s available. For CommBiz you must select to make a “Fast Payment”.
  • When you send or receive a payment using PayID you may see the Osko® logo in your payment confirmation or account transaction history. This indicates that the payment was sent via the New Payments Platform (NPP) infrastructure using Osko®.

How it works

Use PayID to receive money

To receive payments you’ll first need to register a PayID.

Friends, family and customers will then be able to pay you through their own bank’s mobile or internet banking using your PayID.

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Use PayID to send money

To send payments to someone else, they just need to provide you with their PayID.

This may be their mobile number however other PayID types may include email, ABN, ACN and landline phone number, depending on their bank. 

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Who can register?

Mobile phone number or email address PayID

To register a PayID for your business you will need to be the owner (proprietor) of the business, with the authority to operate on an eligible business account. You’ll also need an Australian mobile phone number or email address and the CommBank app or NetBank.

How to register



To register an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) PayID for your business you will need an eligible business account and email address.

How to register


Why can’t I register a mobile number or email address PayID for my business?

To register, you need to be the owner (proprietor) of a trading entity with the authority to operate a business account that is eligible for PayID.

Can I use my mobile number as a PayID for both my personal and business account?

A single PayID, such as your mobile number, can only be registered to one account. An alternative PayID, such as an email address or ABN, can be registered to another account.   

Which CommBank accounts are eligible for PayID registration?

There are a number of CommBank accounts which can be linked to your PayID. See the full list of eligible accounts

Will all of the payments I make be instant?

To make payments to a PayID, you'll need the CommBank app. The person you want to send the payment to must also have registered the PayID you use with a participating bank. A payment may be held for up to 24 hours the first time it's directed to a sender’s account. This allows fraud security checks to take place. It also gives you time to alert us about any unauthorised or suspicious activity on your account. Subsequent payments should be received in under one minute.

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Things you should know

For security reasons, a hold may apply on first time payments. 

2 Our 100% security guarantee protects you from unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts when you protect how you access your accounts and tell us if something is wrong. Tell me more.

3 To prevent fraud we can only allow you to register the primary mobile number already linked to your CommBank customer profile. If you would like to use a different mobile number or need to update your details please call 13 2221.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518