Helping you stay on track with your money

  • It’s easy to spend money without thinking – in person, online or by direct debit – like that monthly gym membership you’ve forgotten about. Here's how Transaction Notifications work:

    • You'll receive an alert on your phone instantly when you pay or are charged for something on your CommBank debit or credit card, or when a payment goes into your debit account. 
    • We also categorise your debit and credit card spend with Spend Tracker & Insights, to give you a better idea what you’re spending your money on and where you can cut back. 

Start using Transaction Notifications

  • What you'll need:

    1. A CommBank debit or credit card, with no additional cardholders
    2. The latest version of the CommBank app

    New to CommBank? Open an everyday bank account and/or apply for a credit card to start using Transaction Notifications. 

  • How to turn Transaction Notifications on:

    1. Log on to the CommBank app
    2. Tap 'Accounts'
    3. Tap your debit or credit card account
    4. Tap 'Manage'
    5. Tap 'Transaction Notifications'
    6. Select your notification preferences

    You'll then receive an alert on your phone everytime you use your card. 

Protection for unauthorised transactions

We’ll protect you from losses due to unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts when you take the necessary steps to stay safe online.

Plus real-time alerts in NetBank

  • You can also set up a billing and an overdraw alert in NetBank. Log on to NetBank, choose Settings then Notification settings under Profile (you can switch them off in Message preferences under Settings).

    Billing notifications

    • When a new bill arrives
    • When a bill is due in 3 days
    • When a bill is due today
    • When a bill is overdue

    Overdraw notifications

    We’ll usually send you an SMS or notification in the CommBank app when your account is overdrawn1.

    You just need to choose which account(s) you want to be notified about.


Things you should know

  • 1 There may be certain circumstances where we won’t send you a notification letting you know your account has been overdrawn (e.g. due to a technical failure). Please contact us if you’d like further information about this.

    Transaction Notifications are only available in the CommBank app to debit card cardholders of Smart Access, Complete Access, Streamline Basic and Everyday Offset accounts, CommBank credit cardholders with no additional cardholder and Corporate Credit and Charge cards.

    The CommBank app is free to download however your mobile network provider charges you for accessing data on your phone. Find out about the minimum operating system requirements on the CommBank app page. Terms and conditions are available on the app. NetBank access with NetCode SMS is required.