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Do more than take payments with these merchant apps

Do more than take payments with these merchant apps

Could Albert, Emmy or Leo be just what your business needs?

If you’re frustrated with receipts and paperwork or can’t take payments the way your customers would like, it’s worth getting to know our payment devices Albert, Emmy and Leo and the apps you can use on each.  

How do the devices work?

With Albert you use the device itself to take and manage customer payments.  Leo and Emmy are smaller terminals that let you turn your smartphone or tablet into a tool for taking payments using the CommBank Small Business app. However, there are other apps available in the AppBank that can help you run your business. 

Run your store and take payments in one place

Is it possible to manage everything from one place on one device? With the Kounta app (available for Albert) you not only get your point of sale function but also features like staff and inventory management, and daily reporting on sales and service. If your business is in hospitality (cafes, restaurants, bars etc.) this app could suit you.

Make paying easy

Allowing customers to pay in an easy way that best suits them is a great opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. The Open Tab and Split Bill apps (both for Albert) help you make this happen. 

With the Open Tab app you can open and manage tabs for loyal customers.

The Split Bill app means you can hand Albert to a group of customers and let each person hand the tablet around after they’ve paid their part of the bill - a great experience for your customers and no extra hassle for yourself or your staff.

Manage your small business 

A one-stop shop for small businesses, the CommBank Small Business app (for Leo and Emmy) lets you send invoices and estimates while on the move as well as accept payments. This app is for business owners who are pressed to find time in the day to do their paperwork. By removing the paper, you can save yourself plenty of time and hassle.

Hear what people think

Through the truRating app (for Albert), customers can give feedback quickly while they’re going through the checkout – so you capture their thoughts in real time. With a response rate of 88%* you can get a good sense of what customers really think about your business. These are good insights that can help you make well-informed business decisions.

Identify local trends

With the use of social media growing more and more, there’s an opportunity to spot and capitalise on emerging trends for your business. The Local Measure app (for Albert) uses geo-location data from social media streams to get an understanding and insights into the people that visit your business.

Take a look at the AppBank to learn about all the apps available and what devices they’re suited for.

Things you should know: *TruRating Australia Pty Ltd. This article is intended to provide general information. You should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.