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Using new software and technology in business

Using new software and technology in business

Using different business tools might help you free up time and money.

If you find yourself spending more time or money than you’d like on commonly occurring business processes, it might be time to think about adopting new software or technology.

This is an investment that can help free up your efforts so you can grow different areas of your business.

Here are some things to consider:

Computers and hardware

It may sound obvious, but making sure your computer can handle everything you throw at it is important. Depending on your industry, you may need a computer that can handle heavy processing, has a bigger screen, or is portable. You may no longer need a fax machine, but do you need a printer, scanner, or a photocopier? These are things to keep in mind.

Making sure you have working and accessible backups of all your files is crucial, too. Scheduling automatic backups and storing them securely outside your computer could save you a lot of time in the long run.


Once you’re confident you have the right hardware, consider your software needs. You can use software to make existing processes more efficient, or to automate current jobs you’re spending lots of time on.

Depending on your industry, there may be solutions that are free or low cost. In most cases, you can easily download these from the internet. For example:

  • Accounting software helps you invoice and complete common accounting processes
  • Email programs can be places to store your database as well as create email newsletters to sell to or update your customers
  • Online graphic design tools
  • Communication tools can help you manage projects and communicate effectively with staff
  • Inventory management software might help you have an accurate and visible understanding of your stock, depending on your business
  • A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can help you track each customer’s activities, including their purchasing history and the different times they’ve been in contact with your business

One way to find software and technology that could possibly help your specific business is to search online, including on industry blogs and websites.

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