Getting started 

  • Reasons you should build

    There are a number of benefits to building your own home. 

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  • Steps to building a home

    These steps will help you understand the process of building a new home. 

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A comprehensive guide to help you understand the process of building a new home, so you can be in control.

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Work out your upfront costs

In addition to your deposit, there are some other costs like stamp duty to budget for. 

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upfront cost

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Plan your build

  • Choosing a block of land

    Buying land to build your new home is the first and most important step in the home building process.

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  • Buying off the plan

    There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you're buying off the plan. 

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  • Costs of building

    Understanding what costs are involved will help you plan and stick to your budget. 

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  • Avoid building mistakes

    Avoid the most common building mistakes and turn your dream home into reality. 

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