How they work

  • 4 key facts

    • Managed funds provide an opportunity to pool your money with other investors to access a wide range of investment opportunities
    • You can invest for capital growth or regular income
    • Specialist investment managers invest according to the fund’s objective and strategy
    • You can start investing with as little as $1,000

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Why invest in managed funds?

  • Diversification

    Look beyond Australian markets and access a range of global investment strategies.

  • Unique opportunities

    Access investment opportunities not always available to individual investors.

  • Growth

    Make regular contributions or reinvest income to build your investment.

  • Experience

    Access the expertise of professional and experienced fund managers.


Investing solutions

FirstChoice Wholesale Investments

Access a wide range of managed funds across different asset classes all in one place.

Managed Funds for your SMSF

Access global investments and diversify your SMSF with the help of Colonial First State.


Comprehensive investment choice, convenience and flexibility through one account.

Help grow your investments

A financial planner can help you to review or establish your investment portfolio, matched to your personal financial goals.

Related products

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Combine the investment advantages of a managed fund with the ease of share trading.

Share Trading

Trade Australian and international shares through CommSec.

Commonwealth Direct Investment Account

The ideal place to grow your investment funds while you plan your next move.

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Things you should know

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