More ways to pay

From 26 November 2018, you’ll be able to pay for Adult Opal fare on rail, light rail or Sydney Ferries with:

  • CommBank Debit Mastercard
  • CommBank Business VISA Debit card
  • CommBank Credit cards – Mastercard and VISA
  • CommBank Tap & Pay using your phone

At the moment Keycards and pre-paid cards aren’t included.

This payment option is not available on any bus or private ferry services.

How it works

Simply use your card instead of your Opal card, remembering to ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ at the end of your trip. Ensure you only present one card - if you tap your wallet or bag on the Opal reader and it contains your Opal card or more than one contactless payment card, you may be charged for two separate trips instead of one.

Prices & eligible trips

Check the price of the trip before you decide on your payment method – some trial prices may differ to the price you’re charged when using your Opal card. Contactless payments may be suited to you if you’re someone who would usually buy a single trip ticket e.g. international/domestic visitors or infrequent travellers, or if you’ve forgotten your Opal card. 

Trips included in the trial

  • Adult peak time  Opal fares will apply for all contactless payments. Check Transport for NSW for more info
  • Daily, Weekly and Sunday travel caps will apply
  • the Sydney Airport station access fee is built into your fare if you visit the International or Domestic Airport stations

There will be a $1.00 authorisation for each journey – regular travellers/customers will see multiple pending authorisations on their statement. The authorisation will usually be removed after two days and replaced with the full fare as charged by Transport NSW.

Your trips will appear as individual items on your statement, there won’t be any end of day aggregation. 

Trips and prices not included in the trial

  • Off-peak pricing will not be available
  • Gold Senior/Pensioner, Child/Youth and Concession fares will not be available
  • Opal weekly travel rewards, transfer discounts and Trip Advantage will not apply

Interested in learning more?

Get in touch with the experts to discover more about this trial.

  • Explore
  • Speak to ferry, light rail or train staff located at the various services


Can I purchase multiple fares with my Mastercard or Visa card?

As per the Opal card, the same card/device can only be used once to ‘tap on’ each trip. You can’t pass the card to another traveller to use on the same trip. Credit card customers with an additional cardholder will be treated individually, allowing the primary and additional cardholders to travel together using each of their cards.

Will the Opal weekly travel rewards, transfer and trip advantage discounts apply?

No, the Opal weekly travel rewards, transfer and trip advantage discounts will not be available at this stage.

Will Opal daily, weekly and Sunday travel caps apply?

The daily, weekly and Sunday travel caps will be available for Adult fares.

Why was I only charged $1.00 instead of the full fare?

After you have tapped on at an Opal reader, a Pre-Authorisation/Pending Transaction of $1.00 will appear on the account. Once the full transaction amount is sent by Transport for NSW to the Bank either overnight or the following business day, it will be replaced with a transaction for the full value of the fare.


For general disputes, including:

  • Incorrect fare charged
  • Fare has been charged to an incorrect card due to card clash (for the first three months of the trial only)

Complete a 'Contactless Transport Payments Reimbursement Form' located on the website. Transport for NSW will assess the request in line with its policy – any refunds will be returned to your account.

Things you should know

As with any merchants who accept Mastercard and Visa cards, the prices are set by the individual merchants, in this instance Transport for NSW. CommBank will process the transactions as received from Transport for NSW.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.