About the new overdraw notifications

New notifications are now available in the CommBank app or via SMS to inform you if your account overdraws.

This allows you to bring your account back into credit by midnight Sydney/Melbourne time to avoid fees and interest charges that may apply.

You can choose to turn these notifications on or off any time in NetBank or the CommBank app.

What is the overdraw feature and how does it work?

Our personal transaction accounts come with an overdraw feature.

The feature allows us to honour certain types of payments which unexpectedly cause your account balance to fall below zero.

Keep in mind, this feature may be suspended at any time and does not guarantee that we will honour all payments. 

What’s changed?


Overdraw notifications are available in the CommBank app or via SMS to let you know when your account is overdrawn.

Additional payment options

Previously only direct debits and cheque payments could overdraw your account. We’ve expanded this option to include in-store purchases, online purchases and scheduled BPAY® payments. 


Both the Overdraw feature and notifications are optional and you can turn them on or off any time in NetBank or the CommBank app.

How to opt-in for overdraw notifications

CommBank app

  • Log on to the CommBank app
  • Select the View Accounts tab    
  • Tap on your Transaction account
  • Select the setting icon in the top right
  • Click Overdraw notifications
  • Turn the ‘Notify me when my account is overdrawn’ on or off


  • Log on to NetBank
  • Click on ‘Settings
  • Click ‘Notification settings
  • Click ‘Overdraw notifications
  • Select or un-select ‘Send notifications
  • Save your choice

Fees and charges

Leaving the overdraw feature on

  • If we allow you to overdraw your account, a $10 overdrawing approval fee will apply. This fee is charged once per day regardless of the number of overdraw transactions honoured that day
  • Debit interest of 17.94% p.a. will also apply on the overdrawn amount

The overdrawing approval fee and debit interest charges can be avoided if you get your account balance back into credit by midnight (Sydney/Melbourne time) on the same day the overdraw occurs.

Turning the overdraw feature off

If you choose to turn off the overdraw feature, any direct debits, cheque payments, or scheduled BPAY® payments that exceed your available account balance, won’t be honoured and your account will incur a $5 dishonour fee each time.

You won’t get charged a dishonour fee when in-store and online purchases are declined.

Important things to know

The overdraw feature is designed for irregular use, to cover unexpected shortfalls in your account balance. If you’re using the overdraw feature for any other reason it may not be right for you.

For example, if you need ongoing credit, one of our credit products may be suitable, as the interest rates, fees and charges are likely to be lower and consumer credit protection legislation applies. The extent to which you make use of the overdraw feature may impact later credit assessments when applying for other loan products in the future.

You’ll only receive an overdraw notification about the first overdrawing of your account on the same day. Note: If your account returns to a credit balance and another transaction overdraws the account again on the same day, you will receive another notification about the subsequent overdrawing event. You must return your account to a credit balance by midnight (Sydney/Melbourne time) on the same day to avoid fees and debit interest charges. For accounts with a formal overdraft limit (e.g. a Personal Overdraft) you will only be notified if you overdraw in excess of the formal limit.

Overdraw notifications are available for Smart Access, Complete Access, Streamline and Everyday Offset account types.

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Things you should know

Interest rate and fees and charges are subject to change. BPAY is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Limited ABN 69 079 137 518. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 and Australian credit licence 234945.