Join us for a free session to learn how to stay safe online.

At the session, you will learn how to:

  • identify phishing and email scams
  • protect yourself from online fraud
  • safely access online banking
  • monitor your transaction history
  • and manage your accounts

To find out if there is a session near you, simply click the Register Now button below, select your state/region, select the “Staying Safe Online” events from the list of events, and then browse for a session at a branch near you.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Online banking with CommBank is easy and convenient, and comes with a security guarantee. That means we’ll cover any loss due to unauthorised transactions on your account using NetBank or the CommBank app, as long as you protect your cards, devices, client numbers, PINs, passwords and any other access methods, and immediately notify us of your loss, theft, misuse or any suspicious activity on your account. 

Did you know we have more in branch learning sessions?

We’ve also designed a series of in branch learning sessions on a range of topics all designed to help you with your financial wellbeing. 

Banking digitally

In this interactive session, we’ll show you how to use our market leading banking technology which is designed to make your life easier and more mobile. All you need to do is bring your device, whether it's your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, so you can follow along. 

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Mastering your money

When we talk about financial wellbeing, it can mean different things to people. No matter what your goal is, we are dedicated to help you turn it into a reality. This interactive session is designed to share helpful tips and tricks on setting financial goals, budgeting, understanding spending, saving and reviewing debts, and enabling you to have more control of day to day finances, and make informed financial decisions.

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Financial wellbeing for Women

This session talks through the unique challenges faced by women, and provides an overview of the tools and knowledge needed to better understand your finances and build greater financial independence and wellbeing. This session is for women of all ages, life stages and backgrounds. It also contains useful information for partners and families. 

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Looking to buy property

Buying your first property, upgrading to your dream home, or looking to invest? Let us show you the easy steps to turn your home ownership dream into a reality. Come along as we look to provide you all the help and advice you need to buy your home.

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Small business workshops

At CommBank, we’re passionate believers in small business. That’s why we’re here to support you with Small Business Specialists, time-saving tools and flexible banking solutions. In these workshops, our Small Business Specialists will talk through the tools, insights and solutions to help you run your business. 

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Things you should know

Registration is required for all CommBank branch events. These events are subject to availability at selected branches. If you are not an existing CommBank customer, you will be required to present photo ID at the event check in.