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  • Any information we receive to support your claim will be reviewed within 10 business days and we will keep you updated with the progress of your claim every 20 business days.

Alternatively, if you require immediate assistance call us on 13 2423.


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Are you a listed policyholder?
Has the policy holder given you permission to lodge this claim on their behalf?

Policyholder Details

Please enter the below details as they appear on your Certificate of Insurance or Netbank profile, including full name of a policyholder. These will be used to validate against policyholder details.

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Insured Address

Please enter your Insured Address details as they appear on your Certificate of Insurance or Netbank profile (which may differ to your current Mailing Address).

Policy Details

Coverage Type
Does the Insured Address fall under strata title or body corporate management?

Event Details

Date of Incident

If not known, then the date the loss or damage was discovered

Descriptions of each Insured Events can be found here.


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Was impact caused by 3rd party vehicle?
Do you have the 3rd party vehicle details (driver's registration, name, address, phone number)?
Was the impact caused by a tree not on the your property. If so, do you have previous written notification to neighbour or council with regards to tree prior to incident?
Was event reported to the police?
Has the offender been identified and charged by the police?

Building Loss or Damage

As the insured address is Strata Title or managed by a Body Corporate, please contact your body corporate or the strata insurer to understand whether any building damage is covered under their policy. For more information click here

Is there damage to Building?

Fencing, inbuilt furniture or appliances (i.e. ducted or split system air conditioner), or other fixtures or fittings (excluding carpet, internal blinds and curtains) are building items

Enter amount to the nearest dollar.


Explanation of your excess and how it is applied can be found here.


Has the Building damage already been fully repaired?
Is there breakage or fracture through the entire thickness of a window or glass pane?
Is Building damage limited to fencing, inbuilt furniture or appliances, or other fixtures or fittings?
Do you already have a quote to repair the Building damage?
Do any of the below statements describe the building loss or damage?

Contents Loss or Damage

Is there loss of or damage to contents?

Carpet, internal blinds and curtains are contents items

Enter amount to the nearest dollar.


Explanation of your excess and how it is applied can be found here.


Did the loss or damage occur at the Insured Address?
Have all impacted Contents items been repaired or replaced?
Are Contents damaged (as opposed to lost or stolen)?
Have carpets, curtains or furniture been damaged by liquid, water or sewage?
Is a lost or stolen mobile phone included in the claim?
Are all the lost or damaged Contents items unrepairable, and do you have make & model details?
Did your loss or damage to portable contents occur whilst overseas?

Additional Benefits

Have you incurred Loss of Rent as result of the Event?

Criminal History and Declaration

In the last 10 years has any member of your household or anyone else covered by this policy, been charged with or found guilty of a criminal offence relating to:

  • Fraud or dishonesty
  • Theft or robbery
  • Arson
  • Damage or threatened damage to property
  • Injury or threatened injury to persons
  • Drugs
  • Stolen goods
Please provide your response below

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In the last 3 years have you or anyone else covered by the policy made a claim at this insured address with policy renewal subsequently not offered?
As the information you have provided will be relied upon to assess your claim, you are obliged to provide honest and accurate information. If you provide false or misleading information, this may result in your claim being denied or reduced. By checking the tick-box, I am confirming the information I am providing is honest and accurate.
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