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The Power of Partnership

Social psychologist Leanne Hall explains how saving with a partner can make it easier to achieve shared goals.

Social Saving

The social nature of competing can motivate you to save.

Why do we feel pressure to save?

We all feel under pressure to save, Leanne Hall explains why we feel this way. 

Why we spend to belong

Find out how society influences our spending and what we can do to change our behaviour. 

Why we love to spend

Here we look at why we love to spend and how we can use this information to overcome our emotions and boost our savings.

How to form a savings habit

Learn about how you can train your brain to change your spending habits. 

Already a good saver? Learn about how to better balance what you spend and save, to maximise your savings.

Living for now and tomorrow

Neuroscientist and Registered Psychologist Jason Gallate reveals how you can boost your ability to save by thinking long-term.

Need some help kick-starting your savings plan? Find out how a Savings Specialist can help. 

Step-by-step guide that shows you how to set up a savings goal in NetBank. 

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