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Accessing your repayments

If you've been making additional repayments above your required repayment amount, you may be able to withdraw that money, or even stop making repayments for a while. And if you're finding your required repayments challenging to meet, we also have options to offer you some relief when you need it.

Do you need extra money to cover unexpected bills, renovations or perhaps seize an opportunity that has come up? If you have a variable rate home loan and you have made additional repayments over and above the required minimum repayments, you may be able to withdraw your money quickly and conveniently:

  • Online using NetBank
  • By phone on 13 2224, between 8am and 8pm             
  • At selected ATMs, EFTPOS or Australia Post EFTPOS (except for No Fee Variable Rate Loans)
  • At any Commonwealth Bank branch

Note: Where multiple signatories are required to operate the loan, redraw is only available in a branch.

Minimum Amounts and Costs
to Redraw

Variable Rate Loan       

Economiser (principal and
interest repayments)

Economiser (interest only) Loan^/
Fixed Rate Loan      

Redraw facility




Drawing fee via NetBank or Telephone Banking




Drawing fee in Branch

$5 (free for No Fee
Variable Rate Loan)



Minimum redraw via NetBank or Telephone Banking




Minimum redraw in Branch




* Economiser Loans are also known as Rate Saver and Base Variable Rate loans.

^ Redraw is not available on Economiser / 3 Year Economiser Interest Only Home Loans for the life of the loan, even if the loan rolls over into Principal and Interest repayments.

For HomePath loans, the minimum redraw amount is $2,000 and a $5 drawing fee applies in Branch (free via NetBank).

Find out more about Redraw.

Alternatively, if you've made additional repayments on your loan you may be eligible for a Repayment Holiday. A Repayment Holiday gives you the option of putting your repayments on hold from 3 to 12 months. This gives you more flexibility to suit changes to your lifestyle, whether they're planned or unplanned.

To apply for a Repayment Holiday, please call us on 13 2224, or just drop in to any of our 1,000+ branches. To save time, you can download the Repayment Holiday Request form and take it to any branch.  

When Josh and Liz got married five years ago they took out a Standard Variable Rate Loan to purchase their home. Over the last five years whenever they had any spare cash they made extra lump sum payments into their loan, as well as paying more than their required repayment amount every fortnight. Consequently, the extra funds have built up over time and now they have a substantial amount of specials (over repayments) sitting in their home loan.

Liz is now pregnant and plans to take one year's maternity leave, however her job will only pay her for three months. Josh and Liz want to maintain a similar level of income after Liz has the baby, so they contact one of our lenders and arrange to put their home loan repayments on hold for eight months once the baby is born. During that time we'll use the extra amount in their specials to deduct the home loan repayments. So, after the eight months, the total pool of available specials will be less.

It's important that during the eight month Repayment Holiday period Josh and Liz don't make any significant redraws. If they do it may mean that they'll need to increase their fortnightly repayments when the Repayment Holiday is over, in order to repay the loan within the agreed term.

If your circumstances do change, and you think you'll find it hard to meet your required repayments, we can help. Talk to one of our lenders to discuss your options, which can include extending your loan term to reduce your required monthly repayments.

Borrowing options

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Important information

A redraw may result in an upward recast of your required monthly repayment amount (RMRA), if you have previously had your RMRA reduced.

It may take up to 1 business day for funds to transfer from a CommBank account to your home loan and become available for redraw. Transfers from other financial institutions may take longer.

MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard® International Incorporated.

Redraw and Repayment Holiday are not available on interest-only loans and is dependent on having the required amount available in special repayments (extra repayments). A Repayment Holiday is also not available where there is a second or subsequent mortgage to another financial institution ranking behind the Commonwealth Bank.

Applications are subject to the Bank's approval. Applications for finance are subject to the Bank's normal credit approval. Full terms and conditions are included in the Loan Offer. Fees and charges are payable.