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Property Share

Split the cost of a home with friends or family

If you can't afford to go it alone, we offer a fresh approach to entering the property market. It lets you co-own a property with friends and family, while retaining individual control of your finances. Property Share can be taken with all our Home Loans, where the specific features and benefits of the chosen loan will apply accordingly.

Property Share can be split any way you choose and each borrower decides how they want to manage their loan repayments, redraws and off-set accounts or lines of credit.

Property Share allows you to:

  • Pool your money with friends or family to buy your first home, or enter the market as a property investor using any of our Home Loan options
  • Together with a friend, partner or relative you can borrow more funds than you would have been able to alone
  • Purchase the property you want rather than settling for a cheaper alternative

What you need to do to get a Property Share Loan?

  • Everyone must be an owner of the property (no third party guarantors)
  • Each of you will need to show us that you can repay your own loan facility (prove servicing of the loan)
  • You must guarantee each others’ loans (security support only)
  • You must seek legal advice and all sign a Property Share Statutory Declaration Form before entering into a Property Share agreement 

Contact one of our loan experts to find out how Property Share can benefit you.


  • Important Information:
    Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s normal credit approval. Full terms and conditions are included in the Loan Offer. Other fees and charges are payable. 

    Property Share is not available on Equity Unlock Loan for Seniors.