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MyWealth update – FAQs

Q: Why will MyWealth no longer be available?

A: Based on customer feedback, we’re migrating the most used features of MyWealth into our main banking and investing platforms - NetBank and CommSec. This will provide our customers a more seamless experience. Whilst the tools and features will remain available, the MyWealth website will no longer be available.

Q: When will MyWealth no longer be available?

A: From Saturday 23 July 2016, you will no longer be able to access MyWealth.

Q: I’m an existing MyWealth customer. Can I still use my favourite MyWealth features and how will I access them?

A: You can continue to use some of the key MyWealth features as part of the changes we are making to streamline your digital experience through CommBank, NetBank and CommSec.

These key MyWealth features are available for you to use in either the CommBank website, NetBank, CommSec or the CommBank app:

MyWealth feature

Now located in…

My financial picture

NetBank Portfolio view or in the CommBank app Portfolio view

Share Trading

CommSec –  CommSec Client ID required or log on to CommSec via NetBank

Note: If customers do not have a CommSec Client ID they must call CommSec on 13 15 19 between 8:00am and 7:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday and answer identification questions to obtain a CommSec Client ID

Share Health Checks


MyWealth feature company dashboards


Property buying needs

CommBank website or via the CommBank Property app

Investment news & guidance

CommSec’s Market News and CommBank website

SMSF WebChat

CommBank and NetBank websites

SMSF Portfolio

NetBank Portfolio view

Q: Why can I no longer register for MyWealth?

A: Because we are turning off MyWealth from Saturday 23 July 2016, you can no longer register for MyWealth from Saturday 14 May 2016. But don’t worry you can use some of the key features as part of the changes we are making to streamline your digital experience through CommBank, NetBank and CommSec.

Q: When I access NetBank, I’m not able to see the Portfolio tab. Why is this?

A: You may have turned off your Portfolio view in NetBank.
To check, log on to NetBank, navigate to the Settings cog and check if there is a tick next to Portfolio view. If there is no tick, click on the box next to Portfolio view. This will enable your Portfolio view. Simply select the Portfolio tab to see your details.

If you are a new SMSF customer, have checked your Settings and you are  still having problems viewing your Portfolio please be aware that it will take approximately five working days for your Portfolio view to display.

Q: How do I access CommSec if I don’t know my CommSec ID?

A: When you log on to NetBank, select your CommSec shares account or the CommSec toggle at the top of the homepage.

You can also call CommSec on 13 15 19, between 8:00am and 7:00pm AEST Monday to Friday and answer identification questions to obtain a CommSec ID.

Q: How do I log into MyWealth as I can no longer see the access links for MyWealth from NetBank, CommBank and CommSec?

A: Access and login using your NetBank Client Number and password.
From Saturday 14 May 2016 we are removing all access links to MyWealth from NetBank, CommBank and CommSec.

Q: Are these changes relating to my CBA Home Loan Wealth package?

A: No, these changes are related to the MyWealth website which provided a complete view of all your savings, shares, property investments and super in one place, providing an overall investment picture. This view is now available in NetBank via the Portfolio view.

Q: Are there any MyWealth features that will no longer be available on the 23 July?

A: Yes, due to customer feedback and low usage the following features will no longer be available:

  • Journal
  • Calendar
  • Value Orders when placing a trade
  • MyWealth Communities.

Q: I have used the MyWealth Journal feature in the past to record my notes. What will happen to the information in my Journal on Saturday 23 July?

A: As we will no longer be offering the Journal feature, all data associated with the Journal will no longer be available on Saturday 23 July. We recommend that you copy and paste into a separate document, or take hard copy notes of important information you have entered before Saturday 23 July.

Q: How are my SMSF investments shown in my NetBank Portfolio view?

A: The Cash balance includes any Cash Accounts or Term Deposits you hold with CommBank within your SMSF.

Property includes any Investment Properties you hold within your SMSF. You will need to manually add these properties into your SMSF Account Group.

The Super balance includes any Superannuation accounts that you hold outside your SMSF, which you have manually added to your SMSF Portfolio group, for example a Retail or Industry Super Fund.

The Shares balance includes your CommSec SMSF account.

The Other balance includes any other investments you hold within your SMSF.

To see a more complete picture of your SMSF Portfolio balance, you can add any other investments or liabilities you hold with other financial institutions. Simply click and expand which ever asset category the investment belongs in (cash, shares, property, etc), then click the [Add your other assets] button and follow the steps. Make sure you tag the asset against your SMSF Group. Note: Apart from Australian Shares and Australian Residential Property, any other investments or liabilities held externally that you manually add will not be automatically updated.

MyWealth is provided by Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 (‘the Bank’). Financial services offered by MyWealth are provided by the Bank, except share trading which is a service provided by Commonwealth Securities Limited ABN 60 067 254 399 AFSL 238814 (‘CommSec’), a participant of the ASX Group and Chi-X Australia. CommSec is a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Bank.