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Welcome to real time banking

Get ready for faster, easier and more flexible banking

We have revolutionised our systems to make your banking experience faster, easier and more flexible. We’ve upgraded 1.16 million business deposit and transaction accounts to the new banking platform – so you can enjoy the same speed and convenience that many of our customers already experience in their personal savings and transaction accounts.


What does this mean?

When you transfer money between Commonwealth Bank accounts, you will receive the funds instantly - even over the weekend and on a public holiday. So you can start transacting immediately and start earning interest on money straight away.

Also, if you have a Commonwealth Bank merchant facility settling to your Commonwealth Bank business account, you will benefit from everyday settlement. Unlike others, we settle merchant sales every single day. So the money you make today, goes into your account today. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Access your money sooner and benefit from improved weekend cash flow, reduced interest costs and an easier daily reconciliation process.

We’re the first major Australian bank to introduce real-time banking. It's just another way we’re determined to be different.

What else is new?

  • Open new accounts instantly at a branch or in NetBank, and start transacting straight away.
  • Switch account types on the spot at a branch or in NetBank while keeping your current account number and settings.
  • See your Keycard, credit card and Business Debit MasterCard transactions instantly in NetBank.
  • Know exactly where you stand, with clearer, more detailed statements. Find out more about the changes.
  • Keep a track of your accounts with enhanced transaction descriptions in NetBank and CommBiz.
Commonwealth Private

Frequently Asked Questions

When will all my accounts move to real-time banking?

We have taken a phased approach in upgrading accounts with the majority of accounts now on the new banking platform. If you have accounts which are yet to be upgraded, this will take place over the coming months.

Will my credit and debit card transactions be in real-time?

Yes. When you choose the cheque or savings option for a card transaction, you'll see it immediately in NetBank under Completed transactions. If you choose credit, you'll see it listed as pending until it has been processed by the bank that owns the card terminal where you performed the transaction.

If I transfer funds between my Commonwealth Bank account and an account with another bank, will it happen in real-time?

Probably not. The Commonwealth Bank is the first major Australian bank to introduce real-time banking. Real-time transfers to or from other banks aren’t possible unless they offer real-time banking too.

Will all transaction types be in real-time?

Many transaction types are in real-time however there are some exclusions. For example, deposits at an ATM and direct debits.

What are the changes to statements and how will they affect me?

Your statement will be clearer and more detailed. Changes may include:

  • Transactions appearing in the order they are made - not sorted as credits and debits
  • Summary of interest rates for your account
  • Clearer breakdowns of fees and charges
  • To find out more about how statements are changing, visit

Who qualifies for everyday settlement?

As a Commonwealth Bank merchant you’ll automatically qualify as long as the service settles to one of these Commonwealth Bank account types:

  • Business Transaction Account
  • Cheque Account Bearing Interest
  • Cheque Account Not Bearing Interest*
  • Overdraft Cheque Account*
  • Society Cheque Account
  • Premium Business Cheque Account
  • Commonwealth Private Bank Account

Everyday settlement is available on all Commonwealth Bank merchant solutions except BPOINT, eVOLVE and CommWeb online solutions.

If you have a merchant service settling to another account type and would like to benefit from everyday settlement, we recommend you consider switching to an eligible business account. For more information, please call our Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 230 177, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will everyday settlement benefit my business?

Everyday settlement will improve your weekend cash flow, help to simplify your business’s reconciliation processes and reduce interest costs incurred from overdraft facilities or other borrowings you may use to cover cash flow gaps.

To find out more about everyday settlement visit:


*Cheque Account Not Bearing Interest and Overdraft Cheque Account are currently unavailable; new accounts cannot be opened. If you already have these products, you can continue to manage your account through NetBank or the CommBank app.