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What's a chargeback?

Last updated 13 April 2018

In some circumstances when you make a purchase using your Debit MasterCard or credit card, we can dispute a credit transaction for you from the merchant’s financial institution. This is called a chargeback. Usually, we can only do this after you have tried to get a refund from the merchant and were unsuccessful.

If you believe an error or unauthorised transaction occurred, notify us straight away. To request a chargeback, tell us you want to chargeback the transaction within 30 days of the date of the statement which shows the transaction and provide us with any information we ask for to support your request.

If you don’t follow these steps, it may limit our ability to resolve your complaint, and you may still be liable for the transaction.

Chargeback rights don’t apply to BPAY® payments from your Debit MasterCard, however we will do our best to try to recover the payment from the Biller or any other person who received it, if possible.

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