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How secure are Tap & Pay transactions?

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Last updated 03 July 2017

  • Our security systems continue to protect you from unauthorised transactions, so the same conditions apply to Tap & Pay transactions as your swiped transactions.
  • When it comes to payment security, CommBank is a leader in fraud protection. Our state of the art technology monitors your Tap & Pay transactions against fraud 24/7.  So if we identify any unusual activity, you’ll be alerted immediately.  And, if the unlikely happens and an unauthorised transaction occurs on your card, we’ll reimburse you 100%*
  • CommBank PayTags can be turned on and off from within the app. When the PayTag is turned off, any attempted payment will be declined by the merchant terminal (other than some terminals that don’t require authorisation). If it’s turned on, the PayTag can be used whether or not the app is open. If you're using a CommBank PayTag, it can still be used if your phone is switched off or your battery has run out.

*Provided you comply with the Credit Cards Conditions of Use if you have a credit card, and/or the Transactions, Savings and Investment Accounts Terms and Conditions if you have a debit card and the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions.

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