Is that really from CommBank?

The below emails and SMS messages, which have been reported, are not from CommBank and are not authorised by us. 

  • Remember, we'll never ask you for your banking information by email or text message
  • Stop and think before you click
  • To be safe, always navigate directly to NetBank yourself and log on from the site you know to be genuine, rather than using any links in communications
  • Report suspicious emails to then delete them straight after. Do not reply or engage with them

Keeping your accounts safe is our priority. Find out more about how to recognise hoaxes and what to do if you see one

15th July 2019 - NetBank locked

A number of customers have reported receiving a malicious SMS claiming NetBank access has been temporarily blocked. Please do not click on the link contained within the SMS and follow the advice outlined above. 

SMS scam example: Your NetBank access has been temporarily blocked.

5th June 2019 - Test the CommBank app

We’re aware of a hoax SMS offering a $500 bonus for testing Cardless Cash that may look as though it comes from NetBank including being grouped by your phone with other legitimate messages you may have received in the past from NetBank. If you receive this SMS please do not engage with it. Report the SMS to then delete it. 

SMS scam example: Dear customer, your account may be suspended. Please complete verification

4th June 2019 - PayID scam

We are aware a number of customer PayIDs and the associated identifier (customer name) have been accessed through another financial institution. Be reassured that your CommBank personal banking details were not affected and remain secure.

The ability to see the associated identifier (e.g. customer name) is an intentional feature of PayID so you can make sure you’re paying the right person, however your name and the mobile number linked to your PayID may be used as part of scams and phishing attempts.

You may have received a fraudulent SMS.

The PayID scam SMS may have your name in it, like this example. If you have clicked a link on a suspicious SMS, contact us or the other bank your PayID is registered with, urgently.

SMS scam example: Dear customer, your account may be suspended. Please complete verification