Applications for our 2021 Graduate Program are now closed. Applications for our 2020/21 Summer Intern Program will open in early July. You can view and apply for other roles here.

Retail Banking Services Graduate and Summer Intern Programs

Retail Banking Services Program (Commercial) overview

As the public face of CommBank, we deliver a seamless banking experience for the future, to over 10+ million customers. We are the largest and most diverse part of CommBank, offering world class products and services, supported by leading systems and processes. 

While our branches and call centres directly support our customers every day, in head office we set the strategy for our products, deliver a world class banking app, analyse insights about our customers to enhance our offerings, design and improve end-to-end processes and identify, prevent and control business risks.

Together, our retail staff, our world class technology and the projects we deliver in head office allow us to support millions of Australians to buy their own homes, open their own businesses and protect and grow their assets.

Summer intern program - 10 weeks

Our Summer Intern Program

This 10 week program gives you exposure across our diverse business. You’ll receive training, networking opportunities, be supported by a buddy and have the chance to contribute meaningfully to our business. 

18 months

Our Graduate Program

The Retail Banking Services (Commercial) stream offers an 18-month head office program and includes four structured rotations through key Retail Bank areas (Channel Support, Risk, Product and a Specialisation of your choice), which will allow you to build diverse capabilities.

During your first rotation you will work in a Channel Support team. Channel Support is a head office function of our business that directly supports our branch and call centre staff to do their jobs more effectively. These teams have a range of work you can get involved in including business development, communications, change management, project management, strategy development and business performance analysis.

During your second rotation you will work in a Risk team, developing fundamental risk capabilities that will equip you to make more sound business decisions during your career in Retail Banking Services.

During your third rotation you will work in a Product team, working on our Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards, Savings or Transaction products. Our Product teams are made up of a range of functions you can get involved in, including:

  • Product and feature development
  • Acquisition and retention strategy
  • Offer development
  • Product pricing
  • Customer experience
  • Process improvement
  • Risk management
  • Profit & loss management.

During your fourth rotation you will work in a specialisation of your choice. Here you can explore areas that align most to your passions and future career plans. Options include: 

  • Digital Analytics
  • Strategic Projects
  • Human Centred Design
  • Social Impact
  • Innovation Research
  • Payments
  • Customer Experience
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Publishing and more.

You will form part of a broader cohort under the Retail Banking Services stream, which also incorporates our Digital and Analytics Graduates. In addition to your four Retail Banking Services Commercial rotations, you will get the opportunity to work with this broader cohort and get direct exposure to our customers through our branch network, contact centres and through other unique problem solving and project experiences.

Your program also includes multiple professional development opportunities, including interactive masterclasses, training courses and graduate conferences. These collaborative sessions will enable you to develop leadership capabilities, enhance your presentation skills and critical thinking. You will get exposure to topics such as emotional intelligence, resilience and leading through change, which will prepare you for success during the program and beyond.

Our Graduate Program is designed to set you up for success in a range of different career paths within our Retail Bank. Teams you could land in beyond your program include:

  • Strategic Projects
  • Product
  • Customer Insights
  • Human Centred Design
  • Social Impact
  • Innovation Research
  • Payments
  • Product Pricing
  • Customer Experience
  • Communications
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Publishing & Copywriting

What qualities do we look for?

We consider graduates from all degree backgrounds, however to be successful in your career in the Retail Bank you need to be innovative, results driven, a problem solver, solutions focused, resilient, strategically minded and proactive. You are a strong role model of our purpose and values, and demonstrate leadership attributes. You have excellent interpersonal skills, communication skills, are commercially minded and are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.

We have roles available in Sydney for the Retail Banking Services (Commercial) Program.



As well as building a strong understanding of the Retail Banking Services area of CommBank, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Challenging work and diverse experience: You’ll have the opportunity to work on exciting and diverse projects that make a difference. This will help you develop a range of new skills and experiences
  • Responsibility and autonomy: You’ll be trusted to deliver outcomes, with the support of your manager and your team, that contribute to CommBank’s strategic priorities and goals
  • An ever-improving Program: We're always refreshing and improving our program so you get the most exciting and engaging experience possible. Your development and experience will be overseen by our Graduate Council to ensure your experience is world class
  • Support: You’ll be mentored by a second year Graduate, experienced rotation managers and a Program Manager, who will help you develop and drive your own career
  • Career success: The program is designed to set you up for your future career and long term success at CommBank
  • Endless opportunity: You are encouraged to discuss your career aspirations with your rotation manager and Program Manager, who can help make them a reality
  • Networking: You’ll have the chance to work with talented people, and form important relationships within the business
  • Community involvement: You’ll have the chance to engage the wider community through graduate-led community projects and initiatives.

Awards and recognition

The Australian Top 100 Graduate Employer 2019

The Australian Top 100
Graduate Employer 2019
#1 Banking and Finance sector

Financial Review and GradConnection Top 100 Graduate Employer 2015 Finalist - Graduate Program

Australian Financial Review and GradConnection Top 100
Graduate Employer 2019
#1 Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector
#8 Most popular Employer 

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