Local Business in focus as Commonwealth Bankers enrol in new Uni course

15 August 2001

Commonwealth Bank business bankers are going back to school - or rather, university - to boost their understanding of their customers' business environment and financial needs.

Hundreds of the Bank's Business Banking staff from throughout Australia are enrolling in a new and innovative Graduate Certificate in Business Banking course at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

The University worked closely with the Commonwealth Bank to develop the specially designed, four-subject course, which is being run by CSU's Faculty of Commerce at the Bathurst campus. It is available exclusively to Commonwealth Bank business banking staff.

The Bank's General Manager Sales and Service for Business Customers, Steve Good, said potentially about 600 staff would enrol in the new Graduate Certificate course, which is focused on developing business bankers' industry knowledge and, through that, to improve customer service.

"The aim is to maximise our business bankers' understanding of their clients' business dynamics and environment, through honing their research techniques and applying them to actual case studies in specific industry sectors most relevant to each business banker's client base. They'll better understand their clients' business and financial environment and be better equipped to identify and meet clients' various financial needs," Mr Good said.

"So, our business customers can expect a more informed business banker, regional communities stand to benefit from the Bank's training of business banking staff around the country using the services of the Charles Sturt University, and the university benefits from providing a graduate certificate course focused on true life situations".

Mr Good added that the Bank may compile a range of the 'best practice' case studies from the course. "Staff across the Commonwealth Bank Group could share the learnings and cross-pollinate ideas," Mr Good said.

Mr Good was speaking at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Bank and the CSU at the CSU's Bathurst campus (today), which officially launched the new course.