Helping to make it happen for Legacy

30 August 2002

For the fourth year, the Commonwealth Bank is helping Legacy, one of Australia’s longest standing charitable institutions, raise funds for Legacy’s welfare and support programs through its annual Legacy Badge Week appeal.

Legacy Week will run from Sunday September 1 to Saturday September 7, with the major focus on Badge Day, Friday September 6. Volunteers including schoolchildren, widows and service personnel will sell remembrance badges throughout New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Legacy is part of Australia’s heritage and reflects the Australian way of helping out. It supports the spouses and dependants of deceased war veterans and serving defence force personnel killed whilst on service or in training accidents such as the Black Hawk helicopter and Westralia tragedies.

Mr David Holthouse, President of Sydney Legacy said, "The Commonwealth Bank’s support of Legacy Week and particularly Badge Day helps Legacy provide more funds to its welfare and support programs for Legacy families. Since the Commonwealth Bank first partnered Legacy, the Badge appeal has raised more than $1.8 million dollars for Legacy families".

"The Commonwealth Bank' s generous support is a wonderful way of recognising the needs of the Australian community and doing something worthwhile about it" said Mr Holthouse.

Mrs Jill Lester, Executive General Manager, Corporate Communication, said, "The Commonwealth Bank is proud to partner one of Australia’s longest standing charitable institutions. Legacy has played a valuable role in our community for more than 70 years. Over this time, Legacy has been an important source of assistance and support for many Australian families. It is the Commonwealth Bank’s privilege to help Legacy make it happen for Australian families in need."