Commonwealth Bank Releases Sustainability Report 2009

Sydney, 30 October: The Commonwealth Bank today released its Sustainability Report 2009, which covers the Group’s sustainability initiatives, activities and achievements over the 2008-2009 financial year.

Commonwealth Bank Group Executive, Ms Barbara Chapman, said the release of the report demonstrates the Group’s commitment to building a sustainable business, and provides an invaluable source of information for employees, customers, stakeholders and the broader Australian community.

“We recognise that the sustainability of our business is about delivering long-term value to our customers, people, shareholders and the community,” Ms Chapman said.

“I am pleased the 2009 report is now available for reference.”

The Commonwealth Bank Sustainability Report 2009 focuses on the Group’s five key sustainability foundations: People; Customers; Community; Environment; and Governance.

“The report provides a solid overview of the Group’s activities and performance across our five sustainability foundations and covers the many ways in which we are working towards, and achieving, our goals in each of these areas,” Ms Chapman said.

“Our focus on maintaining strong governance, delivering customer service excellence, involvement in community partnerships and focus on developing our people are all areas where we have had a dedicated approach for many years. We are also determined to manage our environmental impact.”

The Group’s Sustainability Report is an annual publication and is available online at

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