Complete your ID check and business verification online

For certain businesses, we’ve made it quick and easy to open a Business Transaction Account online. In just 10 minutes you can complete your ID check, verify your business details and start using your new account right away. If your ID and business check is successful, there’s no need to visit a branch or send us any paperwork. 

  1. Secure check: Your details are encrypted and checked
  2. Quick and Easy: It’s a real-time check
  3. Convenient: Complete your online check from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Start your application by telling us about yourself and your business. If you’re a new CommBank customer, we’ll also set you up in NetBank where you can manage your money on the go. Once we know how you want your account set up, we may be able to verify your ID and business details online in real-time. Once we’ve checked your ID and business details successfully, you’ll see your account immediately in NetBank.

If you have another director and/or any shareholders who own 25% or more of your company’s shares directly or through other shareholdings, we’ll need to verify them as well. Your account will be created in NetBank, and you'll be able to put money into it but you won't be able to withdraw or transfer out of it until we've confirmed the identity of the other directors and/or shareholders of your company.

We verify everyone who opens an account with us. It’s our way of ensuring you are who you say you are. Our online ID check is easy and safe. We’ll let you know immediately when it’s been successful.

You can choose which ID you’d like to us to check. Get at least one ID handy:

  • Driver's licence
  • Medicare card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate

We’ll ask you a few details seen on your ID such as the card number, where it was issued and when it expires. We’ll let you know if you need to try again with another ID.

To get your account up and running, we also need to verify your business details with ASIC. We’ll also ask you a bit about your industry to satisfy our legal and compliance obligations. If you don’t have all your business details handy, you can look them up in ASIC, so things run smoothly. Our real-time check is quick and secure.

Get your business details handy:

  • Full business/company name
  • Business/company addresses (e.g. office, mailing and  registered  address)
  • Full name and email address of the other director (if applicable) and/ or any shareholders who own 25% or more of your company’s shares either directly or through other shareholdings.

Business Transaction Account – our most popular business account that helps you manage cash flow easier.

We want to give you the flexibility to bank when it’s convenient for you. By completing your ID check and business verification online, you’ll save yourself a trip to a branch. If you prefer, you can identify yourself at your nearest branch. Don’t forget to take ID and business details

We never stop innovating so you can manage your money easier. And that’s a promise.


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