Did you know that about one in two Australian businesses reported at least one incident of economic crime in the past 12 months, with 16 per cent of respondents suffering losses in excess of $5 million?

Online fraud not only has the potential to cost you and your customers thousands of dollars, it can also cause long-term damage to your business reputation, costing you many times more in lost revenue. That’s why it’s essential to act now to protect your business.

Transfer some of the risk of fraudulent transactions on your CommBiz service to us. You can do this by using our security device, NetLock, to create and authorise  payments and by meeting the specific requirements relevant to the payment as set out in our Security Guarantee section of the CommBiz Terms and Conditions.


We’re so confident in NetLock’s ability to protect your business that we’ve introduced the CommBiz security guarantee. By using the NetLock device and implementing the steps outlined in the Security Guarantee section of the CommBiz Terms and Conditions, we guarantee to refund losses as a result of externally manipulated transactions.

So you can bank online with confidence, knowing you’re better protected than ever against cybercrime.

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As the pace of technological change accelerates, so does the resourcefulness and ingenuity of cybercriminals. Today, online banking users face an expanding range of attacks with potentially devastating results.

Of the most commonly reported types of economic crime, Cybercrime accounted for 24%. This occurs across organisations of all sizes, all regions and in virtually every sector.1

12014 Global Economic Crime Survey

Developed in partnership with world-leading security provider IdenTrust™, NetLock is an innovative USB security device that uses an encrypted digital certificate to authenticate the internet connection to CommBiz, every time you log on.

Portable and easy to use, with no software to install, NetLock is essential protection for your business. Best of all, when you use NetLock and follow our other security requirements, you can transfer much of the risk of online fraud to us.

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How to protect your business

Order your free NetLock device for each token holder on your CommBiz service.

Follow these steps every time you transact:

  • Use the latest virus software.
  • Use passwords and tokens — secure and not shared.
  • Use more than one machine and authoriser for payments or even use CommBiz Mobile.
  • Use NetLock to authorise transactions.
  • Notify us of the beneficiary details once for all transactions over $20m.

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Important information:
As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions issued by Commonwealth Bank of Australia for CommBiz are available on request. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF 140kb). If you have a complaint, the Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.