Features & benefits

  • Login & payment protection

    • Each user is authenticated using a log on ID and password
    • Two-factor authentication for extra protection when logging on and making payments
    • Customisable controls for different levels of staff access and permissions to support your internal approvals and security policies
  • Security token

    • All CommBiz authorisers and administrators are provided with a security token
    • Provides a second-factor authentication by generating a one-time password in addition to the standard login ID and password access
  • System monitoring & support

    • We proactively monitor payments to identify suspicious transactions
    • All CommBiz actions are recorded with a date and time stamp, so you can complete user audits
    • In the event of fraud, we're here to help with readily available support and simple, clear processes
    • See a list of our supported browsers and operating system

NetLock device

  • A USB security device that secures your connection to CommBiz every time you log on
  • Designed to be used alongside existing CommBiz security tokens
  • Portable, easy to use and requires no additional software
  • Enables you to be eligible for the CommBiz Security Guarantee1
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CommBiz Security Guarantee

  • The CommBiz Security Guarantee provides essential protection for your business so you can bank with confidence. 

    We’re removing all fees for CommBiz Security Tokens and NetLock USB devices from 1 April 2018. Now you can enjoy free access to secure online business banking.2

    We guarantee losses from unauthorised, externally manipulated transactions if you use NetLock and follow the simple steps outlined in the security guarantee section of the CommBiz Terms and Conditions which include:

    • NetLock is activated for all CommBiz Administrators, Payment Creators and Authorisers
    • Only authorised personnel have access
    • You have current security software installed on your devices
    • Passwords and tokens are not shared or reused
    • Passwords are strong and changed regularly
    • Separate devices are used to create and authorise payments
    • You follow authorisation requirements for different payment amounts

    For more information about eligibility, read the CommBiz Terms and Conditions. To order a Security Token or NetLock USB device log on to CommBiz or call 13 2339


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Things you should know

  • 1 To take advantage of the NetLock security, CommBiz token holders must be identified. Identified CommBiz token holders are users that have had their identity verified by the Bank. New and existing users can be identified by going to the Admin tab in CommBiz, selecting the specific user and then selecting the ‘identification’ tab.

    2 NetLock devices are currently being provided free of charge for all CommBiz uers, however we reserve the right to charge this fee if you order the NetLock device but do not use the NetLock device.

    Your NetLock USB device should not be used as a data storage device as this will destroy its operation.

    The target market for these products will be found within the product’s Target Market Determination, available here.

    As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions issued by Commonwealth Bank of Australia for CommBiz. View our Financial Services Guide. If you have a complaint, the Bank's dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.