Commbiz Mobile FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


CommBiz Administrators

  • Can I choose which users I opt in?
    No. At the moment, you can only opt in or opt out on behalf of the entire service.
  • We no longer want to use CommBiz Mobile. Can we opt out?
    Yes. Simply:
    1. Log in to CommBiz.
    2. On the top menu, click Admin > Service.
    3. On the left menu, click Preferences, then click the Mobile tab.
    4. On the Mobile Settings page, deselect the Enable CommBiz Mobile checkbox, then click Save.
    CommBiz Mobile access will be cancelled overnight for all users of your CommBiz service, who will be notified by a CommBiz message. If they try to log on to CommBiz Mobile after that, they will receive an error message, stating that they no longer have access.
  • Does opting in or opting out change other user permissions or website access?
    No. Each user’s permissions are unaffected, and they can continue to use CommBiz online exactly as they did before.

CommBiz Users