Netlock - an extra layer of online banking security

Why has Commonwealth Bank introduced NetLock?

Your online banking security is one of our highest priorities and with online fraud on the increase, we have designed a security innovation for CommBiz customers that provides CommBiz token holders with an additional layer of online protection.

What is NetLock?

NetLock is an innovative USB security device developed specifically for CommBiz customers. NetLock is designed to be used along with existing CommBiz tokens to give extra protection against even the most sophisticated security threats. The technology has been developed in conjunction with IdenTrust™, a global leader in online security.

How does NetLock provide an additional layer of protection?

The NetLock device provides access to CommBiz via a hardened Mozilla Firefox internet browser. It also uses an encrypted digital certificate (like a long mathematical algorithm) to authenticate the internet connection to CommBiz. This considerably reduces the risks of known internet threats like ‘Man in the Browser’ attacks.

Used along with an existing CommBiz token, NetLock offers world class security for your business.

This means you can now use any internet connection, anywhere and anytime, to carry out your CommBiz transactions with complete confidence.

NetLock can be used on any computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system and a USB port. It doesn’t require a software installation and it updates itself automatically. 

For more information

If you have any questions about NetLock or its suitability for your business, please contact us on 13 2339 or email

  • Important information
    NetLock devices are currently being provided free of charge for CommBiz token holders, however replacement NetLock devices will incur a charge of $55 each including GST.

    To take advantage of the NetLock security, CommBiz token holders must be identified. Identified CommBiz token holders are users that have had their identity verified by the Bank. New and existing users can be identified by going to the Admin tab in CommBiz, selecting the specific user and then selecting the ‘identification’ tab.

    Your NetLock USB device should not be used as a data storage device as this will destroy its operation.

    IdenTrust™ is a trademark of IdenTrust, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Using NetLock is easy.

As illustrated in the NetLock User Guide, all security token holders need to do is follow these simple instructions:

Microsoft Windows Operating System
1. Insert the NetLock device into a USB port
2. Open Microsoft Windows Explorer and select the NetLock device
3. Double-click the Netlock.exe file
4. Log on to CommBiz as normal using the password generated by your token.

Macintosh Operating System
1. Insert the NetLock device into a USB port
2. Double-click on the Commonwealth Bank logo with the label NetLock or
3. Log on to CommBiz as normal using the password generated by your token.

Double-click the Netlock.exe file
Double-click the Netlock.exe file