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Cash Flow Tracker

What's new in CommBiz

Anyone in business knows that understanding and managing your cash flow is essential to keeping your business on track. That’s why we’ve developed a Cash Flow Tracker tool for CommBiz clients, making your cash flow management simpler and smarter.

Cash Flow Tracker allows you to track your cash in and cash out, so you can make the most efficient and effective use of your cash flow, as well as identify any potential issues you need to address. Customisable charts and reports make it easy to analyse trends in your sales and cash flow and use this analysis to identify and prepare for periods of cash deficit. Understanding when your business will have an increase in sales and a surplus in income also allows you to invest savings more effectively.

The Cash Flow Tracker automatically tracks the cash entering and exiting your business accounts to give you a summarised view of your cash over a 12-month period. It also summarises the different revenue and payment types, making it easy to understand the different income and expense channels your business is using and assess if your business has an optimal mix of payments. You can see the impact of seasonality on your cash flow and review the average payment size and daily volumes across different payments. This information is presented in easy to understand graphs, giving you a clear snapshot of your business cash flow that makes it simpler to make important decisions.

The Cash Flow Tracker is the first analytical tool of its type to be provided by an Australian Bank’s business online banking platform. Even better, for eligible businesses* the Cash Flow Tracker is free, making it a true value-adding tool.

CommBiz has developed a Cash Flow Tracker demo that shows how to access and use the Cash Flow Tracker tool. If your business is eligible*, you can view the Cash Flow Tracker on your CommBiz service today.


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  • Important information
    * The Cash Flow Tracker is not available for all services.

    The Cash Flow Tracker report is not intended to be used for reconciliation purposes and is provided as a research tool only. It is published ‘as is’ and may contain errors and omissions.