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Track your sales with Merchant Insights

Business banking solutions

Merchant Insights, the second BetterBusiness Insights tool from CommBiz, is an invaluable tool that lets you see sales trends by turnover, volume, average ticket size and average daily volumes.

Available to our merchants with a Commonwealth Bank settlement account, Merchant Insights is automatically generated from your sales activity through your merchant terminals, producing clear, easy-to-understand charts and exportable data. By using this analytical tool, it allows you to:   

  • Pinpoint sales trends by sales turnover, volume and average ticket size. 
  • Understand sales distribution by state and different time periods (time of day and day of week)
  • Identify best and worst trading days (including weekends) and time
  • Identify top performing markets by state and top 10 postcodes.

To make the most of your business, use Merchant Insights to identify opportunities to grow sales in weaker markets or create an effective strategy to maintain strength in key markets. You can also use the data to optimise your marketing strategies in these markets and create incentives targeted at driving increased sales during slower trading hours or days. The data may also help you minimise your overheads as you optimise your resourcing plan to account for days or times with slower or increased sales activity.  

Accessing Merchant Insights

  1. Just log in to CommBiz
  2. Go to the Insights tab on the main menu at the top of the screen
  3. Select Merchant Insights from the dropdown list.

Please note that only CommBiz Administrators will be able to access Merchant Insights when the service is first launched. An Administrator of your CommBiz service can assign viewing permission to any user in your organisation. For instructions on how to do this, view the Merchant Insights User Guide.

Note: Merchant Insights may not display for some CommBiz services where valid data is unavailable.

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