Online security

The security features built into CommBiz allow you to adapt your service to suit the way you want to operate your business. All CommBiz sessions between your systems and our CommBiz application are connected through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) using 128 bit encryption. This is a widely used and accepted security method within the financial services industry.

Browse our business security guide for tips on securing your computers and networks, and helping your staff protect themselves and your business. You can also find out more about online security in our user guide (PDF 93kb).


CommBiz allows you to tightly control the access each staff member has and what they are able to do within the service. You can control the functionality provided to your staff using user permissions, role permissions and by controlling the number of authorised users.

Login security

Access to your CommBiz service is protected by the highest levels of security. Each user is authenticated using a login ID and password before being granted access to CommBiz. While all sessions are encrypted, security tokens and NetLock USB devices are provided to all CommBiz administrators and authorisers. The security token generates a one-time password to provide a second factor of authentication. The NetLock USB device is designed to be used along with CommBiz security tokens to give extra protection against even the most sophisticated security threats. Comprehensive auditing and user activity provide further peace of mind.

Security alerts

View the latest Commonwealth Bank security alerts, including hoax emails in circulation, to ensure your business is not unwittingly affected by malicious threats. The Commonwealth Bank has processes in place to assist in detecting hoax and phishing email website and distribution networks and works with authorities to shut them down.