CommBiz Testimonials



CommBiz is the market leading online platform for your business banking and trading. Designed to be faster, safer and easier than the previous generation of electronic banking services, CommBiz operates 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and can be accessed by authorised users from any Internet-connected technology, anywhere in the world.

CommBiz offers real time control of cash flow, online management of domestic and international activity, business insights and a secure framework to conduct business online.


Justin, Autus Facility Management



Autus is a facilities management company that look after cleaning and house keeping contracts, catering, maintenance and consulting work. Justin enjoys using CommBiz because it means he can be out in the business, visiting sites and not have to be tied to an office. He enjoys using the apps especially Daily IQ.

Abdullah, Pablo and Rusty's



Pablos and Rusty’s competitive advantage stems from their focus on technology. Abdullah enjoys being able to access CommBiz anywhere, anytime and on a mobile device. He particularly enjoys using the Daily IQ app and was surprised with the demographic data he could access.

John, Grays Online



With CommBiz, Grays Online can separate its duties and responsibilities amongst staff thus providing strong internal controls as well as enjoy fast, efficient processing of their banking requirements.

Simone, Annesley Pastoral Company



Running a business on the farm, Simone is isolated from the nearest town and CommBiz allows her to simply perform all her business banking online, with the added login security provided by her security token. Plus, she likes the functionality of authorising multiple transactions at once, saving her valuable time.

Lee, Banana Joes



Banana Joe’s is a local supermarket that uses CommBiz for its range of payment features including direct credit payments, BPAY payments and International Money Transfers.

Bart, Flexirent Holdings



Managing Flexirent’s payment processing, CommBiz provides Bart with the most efficient and effective way to make and receive payments in real-time.