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Daily IQ is getting even better

The following additional features are now available in Daily IQ:

- Customer Loyalty: Discover more about your customers, including the percentage of new versus repeat customers and how frequently they shop with you.

- Industry Sales Comparison: See how your performance compares to your industry.

- Payments and Inventory calculator: Assess the cash impact of adjusting your payment cycle and inventory.

- Monthly email subscription: Sign up to receive business insights straight to your inbox.

For more information review our user guides:

- Cash flow user guide

- Performance user guide

- Customer user guide



CommBiz is the market leading online business banking platform. We aim to keep it that way by continually making it simpler, faster and more convenient for you to manage your business banking online.





Enhanced Security Feature As part of our commitment to continue to provide world class security we have added some additional checks in place:
- when adding or amending address book changes you will see a message on your screen reminding you to confirm the beneficiary details via phone or in person;
- the last modified date will be displayed as a new column for Address Book and BillerAddress Book entries

If you have any further questions please contact the CommBiz Help Desk via email or call 132 339.

Corporate Card Online Statements Corporate Card online statements provide clients instant access to their consolidated account statements and individual cardholder statements in CommBiz.

CommBiz clients can quickly and easily view statements from the last 7 years by searching card number, cardholder name or company name.

CommBiz clients with Administrator role can also request to stop paper statements for all cardholders, individual cardholders and/or the company through CommBiz.
Self Service Reports Additional reports have been developed - simple and detailed versions. These reports include:
- User Reports: provides user information such as id, last login, access times
- Role Reports : provides information such as whether permissions are enabled and whether a token is required.
- Account Reports: provides information such as Account Holder Type and Electronic Method of Operation.
These reports can be accessed via Functions > Request Report
Daily Merchant Report for card not present terminals Daily merchant reports for card not present terminals linked to your CommBiz service are now available. Go to File Transfer> Export and select the reports. For additional card not present terminal reports, please contact the CommBiz help desk via email or call 132 339.


ASoon we will be releasing the following additional features in our Daily IQ App:  

Trend Analysis - Assess your cash flow projection for the next week, month or year so that you can plan and always stay one step ahead.

Working Capital Calculator - Assess the impact on your working capital as a result of changes to your cash flow.

 For more information review our user guides

- How to Install Daily IQ

- Understand your Cash Flow

Working Capital Analys