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Your three-step guide to better engage customers

Make the age of your customers work in your favour

No matter the age of your customers, it’s important to know they all have different ways of shopping. Understanding their traits and preferences can allow you to:

  • Create targeted marketing campaigns around your highest value customers
  • Evaluate and update your products, service and price offerings
  • Make business decisions around growth and expansion

For example, across Australia, categories that garner the most attention from Baby Boomers are: automotive (57.7%), food and groceries (42.6%), mobile phones (35.2%) and travel (30.1%).¹

To help refine your business and marketing strategy using the age segments of your customers, we’ve put together the below article and a quick guide on how to help understand and best engage with them.

customer insights

What to know about age

How to understand and attract Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, and Z

Age isn’t just a number. It’s an important and valuable factor when it comes to purchases – especially when you can use it to increase your customers’ spend. So, have you asked yourself: what are the age segments of my customers?

customer insight

Three-step guide to understanding your customers’ age

Identifying the age segments of your customers is fundamental to understanding how, what, why and when they shop or seek out your services. Here are three helpful tips to help you better engage your customers by age segments.

Check out more insights about your customers with Daily IQ

To find out more about which customer age segments are your highest spenders, their gender or where they live, visit the free CommBank business insights tool Daily IQ, available in NetBank, under the View Accounts menu.

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A shop owner using Daily IQ for insights into her customers

Things you should know

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