CommBank Neo

CommBank Neo: It’s a new way to pay! An interest-free credit card without any late fees or surprise charges - just a flat monthly fee. Say goodbye to complex percentages and calculations.

You’ll also get some great benefits through CommBank Rewards1.

At a glance

What you’ll get

  • No interest, no late fees
  • Flat monthly fee of $12, $18 or $22 based on your credit limit. And, if you don’t use your card and have $0 balance, you don’t need to pay the monthly fee.
  • A choice of three credit limits ($1,000, $2000 or $3,000)
  • No foreign exchange fees, no additional cardholder fees
  • Exclusive benefits through CommBank Rewards1
  • Priceless® Cities offers and experiences


  • You won’t earn Awards points
  • International travel insurance isn’t included
  • Cash advances are blocked (exceptions apply)2
  • No balance transfers
  • Not eligible for SurePay plans or Wealth Package benefits
  • Low credit limits

Control & security for your card

Lock, Block, Limit®

Instantly lock, block or limit your credit card for extra control through the CommBank app or NetBank.

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Stay in control of your spending

Security protection

  • 24-hour fraud protection that detects abnormal transaction spending habits
  • Free protection against fraud and other unauthorised transactions with Mastercard Zero Liability
  • 24/7 emergency overseas assistance if you lose your card with Mastercard Global Service

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Rates & fees

Rates & fees
Additional cardholder fee
Monthly fee
$12, $18 or $22 (based on your credit limit)
$12 for a $1,000 limit

$18 for a $2,000 limit

$22 for a $3,000 limit
Balance transfer rate
Balance transfers not available
Cash advance interest rates
Cash advances are blocked. 
Exceptions may apply2
International transaction fee
0% p.a.
Late payment fee
Maximum credit limit
Credit limit
Available limits: $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000
Purchase interest rate
0% p.a.


What’s CommBank Neo?

An interest-free credit card that also doesn’t charge late fees. It’s a simple monthly fee based on your credit limit… that’s it!

How do I apply for the card?

We’re getting CommBank Neo ready for the big launch but you can register your interest at the top of this page. We’ll be in touch when we’re ready to go!

How is this different to other credit cards?

Other credit cards charge an interest rate and late fees. With CommBank Neo, you can say goodbye to interest and late fees so you have the confidence to manage your finances. There’s a flat monthly fee based on your credit limit.

Will I be able to build up my credit rating?

You sure can!

What happens if I go over my assigned limit?

You cannot go over your limit on the CommBank Neo card. Any transactions which exceed the limit will be declined.

What happens if I don’t use my card?

If you don’t use your card, and have a $0 balance, you won’t need to pay the monthly fee.

Can I increase my limit later if I choose to?

Yes, you can apply to increase the limit however, the maximum credit limit on the CommBank Neo card is $3,000. Subject to our credit approval processes.

Can I earn Awards points on this card?

No, but you will have access to exclusive benefits through CommBank Rewards1.

Things you should know

The advice on this website has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.

Applications for credit cards are subject to credit approval and will be open to customers who are at least 18 years old. Full terms and conditions will be included in our Letter of Offer.

Bank fees and charges apply and are subject to change.

1 CommBank Rewards: Eligible CBA credit or debit Mastercard® customers, that are at least 21 years old, are not in hardship, and are not in default with any CommBank accounts can access CommBank Rewards through the latest version of the  CommBank app. Terms and conditions including minimum spend requirements apply to CommBank Rewards and can be viewed within the CommBank app.

2 We’re unable to block cash advance transactions that aren’t sent to us for authorisation.

Gambling transactions not allowed on the CommBank Neo card. 

Mastercard® and Priceless are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.