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A world of opportunity

A world of opportunity

Meet Alexandra Jurmann – a member of our Cyber Security team.

For IT Project Manager Alexandra Jurmann, keeping customers safe and secure is at the heart of her everyday role. As a member of CommBank’s cyber security team, Alex spends her days making sure that systems and platforms stay stable and secure, allowing the rest of the Bank to innovate safely for our customers.

Rewind back a few years however, and Alex mightn’t have seen herself here at all. “Most people are surprised to know that I didn’t study IT at university and that my Bachelor degree was actually in Accounting. I think I am living proof that your university major doesn’t define you or your career path and if you are open-minded to the opportunities that are presented to you, success can come in a different form than you expected.”

Embracing a career that took her down an unexpected path has opened Alex up to opportunities and experiences all over the globe.

“I’ve had the chance to do some pretty special things here at CommBank. Most recently I travelled to Hong Kong and South Africa to meet and work with our international teams who are using technology to create some pretty unique service offerings on the global stage. Every day I get to learn from really passionate, bright people with ideas that are transforming the way we protect our customers from ever-changing cyber threats.”

A passionate advocate for women in tech, Alex’s is calling out those who may not have previously considered a career in technology to think twice about roles in technology and cyber in particular. “In the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and particularly in cyber security there is exponential growth of opportunity. In Australia, only 11% of the cyber security workforce is female and I’m excited to see that change.”

“I am really passionate about organisations who create opportunities for young woman to succeed in leadership. As much as it is in the hands of the individual to forge their own path, I am encouraged by the fact that the organisation I am a part of actively enables its female workforce to succeed.”

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