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Now you can store your loyalty cards in the CommBank app

Now you can store your loyalty cards in the CommBank app

Say goodbye to a bulging, cluttered wallet and conveniently keep all your loyalty cards in the CommBank app – available now on Android and iOS.

Have you ever been caught fumbling around at the checkout trying to find your loyalty card? With so many worthwhile loyalty programs now available, a bad case of wallet bulge could mean you miss out on hard earned loyalty points.

So what if you could store your loyalty cards in your smartphone instead?

In the latest update to the CommBank app, we’ve added a ‘Loyalty’ function where you can conveniently store all your loyalty cards and membership details. They’ll always be on-hand on your mobile when you need them – whether you’re in-store claiming a members’ offer or online adding your frequent flyer details to your next flight.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download or update to the latest version of the CommBank app from Google Play or Apple store.
  2. Open the CommBank app and tap on ‘Cards’, then ‘Loyalty’.
  3. Follow the prompt to ‘Add cards’.
  4. Then capture your loyalty card barcode using your phone camera or manually enter the details if there is no barcode.
  5. You can also type in additional details about the card such as expiry date.
  6. Hit ‘Done’ to complete and you’re ready to go.
  7. Now you’ll always have your loyalty card details when you need them.

Shopping just became more rewarding with the CommBank App. Available now on Android and iOS.

Things to know before you Can: This feature is for loyalty cards only. Please do not add other documents containing personal information (such as credit cards, passports, drivers licence, PINs) as they can be accessed without logging on to the App.