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Manage your money online or in the CommBank app

Manage your money digitally

We’ve created tools to help you stay in control of your everyday spending and manage your money more effectively.

You can manage your money in so many ways. Whether that’s online in NetBank or on the go in the CommBank app. 

Know your balance

Knowing how much money you’ve got to start with is important.

  • Log on securely to NetBank and see your account balances on your NetBank homepage.
  • Alternatively turn on Simple Balance in the CommBank app to get a quick view of your everyday account with one swipe.

Control your spending

Understanding how much you’re spending, when and where, can really help you set a budget and stay on track.

  • NetBank: Your Financial Toolkit gives you the lowdown on your finances. You can use it to set a savings goal – helping you stay motivated and keep your spending under control. Follow your progress, set up scheduled transfers into your savings account and top up your goal if you get an unexpected cash windfall
  • CommBank app: Transaction Notifications help you track your credit card spending.  If you’ve switched notifications on, you’ll get an instant notification to your smartphone every time your credit card is charged e.g. monthly gym subscription. Transaction Notifications aren't currently available if you have an additional cardholder.

Use this with Spend Tracker & Insights which automatically categorises your credit card transactions so you can see where you’re overspending.

Manage bills and upcoming payments

By automating your bill payments, you can avoid the stress that comes with missed due dates and penalty fees.

You can get bills sent straight to NetBank and the CommBank app so you can see, track and pay bills in one place and no bill ever slips your mind again.

Your finances, at a glance

Portfolio View in NetBank and the CommBank app lets you see all your assets and liabilities together in one place.

It shows your cash situation, keeps an eye on your shares, shows your property investments and other info like car payments, giving you a better view of your net worth. You can even add accounts you may hold with other financial institutions.

Travelling overseas

Even when you’re on holiday, it’s important to keep an eye on your finances.

If you’ve ordered a Travel Money Card you can load foreign currency onto it then use it to withdraw cash at an ATM, in store, online or over the phone. 

You can check your balance and reload your Travel Money Card in NetBank and in the CommBank app. Don’t forget to let us know your travel plans before you go. 



This article is intended to provide general information of an educational nature only. It does not have regard to the financial situation or needs of any reader and must not be relied upon as financial product advice.