Customer Forum

Watch Matt Comyn and Angus Sullivan address your most asked questions from the Customer Forum. Key topics include customer service, innovation and interest rates.  

Customer service

Matt and Angus address questions about the impact of branch closures and call centre wait times, and what we’re doing to help with scams.

Innovation and technology

We answer your questions about some of our new innovations, in particular crypto assets and artificial intelligence.

Interest rates

Matt and Angus discuss interest rates and the impact on mortgages, savings and credit cards.

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Business Forum

Watch Matt Comyn and Mike Vacy-Lyle address your most asked questions from the Business Forum. Key topics include the economic outlook, small business and supporting business growth.

Economic outlook

Matt discusses the impact of inflation rates, our economic forecast and how we can support businesses through the year ahead.

Small business

Matt and Mike answer your questions about cash flow and lending, merchant fees and borrowing costs for small businesses.

Supporting growth

We share how we’re supporting start-ups through digital innovation and the Australian Business Growth Fund.

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