Introducing Credit Savvy

Credit Savvy is one of our x15 Ventures operating within CommBank.

Credit Savvy has partnered with Experian, one of Australia’s official credit reporting bodies to provide you with your credit score – a free service that can help you understand your credit score and improve your financial wellbeing.

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Features & benefits

  • Track your credit score

    Keep track of your credit score with monthly email updates and change alerts to help you monitor what’s happening on your credit file. Plus, checking your credit score with Credit Savvy won’t impact your score. 

  • Protect your credit data

    Worried your identity has been compromised? You can prevent access to your credit files with SavvyShield1, a feature in the Credit Savvy App.

  • Learn what’s behind your score

    Uncover the important elements of your credit report. Identify key factors influencing your score so you can take action to improve it.

  • Achieve your financial goals

    Get the tools and resources you need to build your credit confidence and improve your financial wellbeing.

Protect your credit report with SavvyShield

Used by thousands of Australians, SavvyShield makes it simple to temporarily restrict access to your credit report if you believe your identity has been compromised. This is exclusively available in the Credit Savvy App.

Discover SavvyShield

Signing up to Credit Savvy is simple

    1. Create your account
    2. Verify your ID
    3. Check your credit score
  • Or learn more on the Credit Savvy webpage.

Things you should know

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    See Credit Savvy’s full Terms & Conditions on the Credit Savvy website.

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