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Why protect your credit report with SavvyShield?

  • Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in Australia 

    Identity theft can occur through digital scams or a data hack on an individual or a company, or when personal ID documents such as a driver’s license or passport are lost.

  • Your credit score could be damaged by fraudulent credit applications

    Multiple credit checks and unpaid amounts on fraudulent credit accounts could damage your score. Repairing your score after fraud can take time to rebuild.

  • Identity crime often results in financial loss

    When an identity is compromised it can result in fraudulent credit being obtained, such as a loan or credit card. This leaves you potentially liable for credit you weren’t aware of.

Download the Credit Savvy App to access SavvyShield or learn more about Credit Savvy at their website.

How does SavvyShield work?

  • Experian, one of Australia's official credit reporting bodies, will freeze your credit record after being notified that SavvyShield has been activated via the Credit Savvy app. Until any threats to your credit reputation are addressed, this safeguards your Experian credit score against anyone attempting to impersonate you for their own financial gain.
  • The temporary ban to your credit report stops all credit applications and expires after 21 days. You’ll be able to remove the ban early or extend it again via the app.
  • Rest assured, if there’s activity on your Experian credit report while the ban is active, you’ll be alerted by Credit Savvy via email and in the app. Any credit applications made during the ban period will be blocked and they won’t impact your credit score.

Things you should know

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