Tuesday 17th June 2008

NetBank: Making tax time simpler



As the end of financial year approaches, you’re probably thinking about tax time and preparing your documents. What you may not know is that NetBank can help you streamline the process, with a wealth of information about your accounts and transactions, plus functions that can save you time and money:

  • NetBank provides access to 7 years’ worth of statements online. And when you receive your statements online, you can reduce clutter too. If you’re not sure how to view your statements online, check out the demonstration
  • You can get a summary of interest earnt and paid on your NetBank listed accounts for the last financial year. Just click on the Accounts tab, then select Account information and select the account you wish to view.
  • Export your NetBank account transactions to other programs, such as Microsoft Money, Quicken (US and Australian versions) and Mind Your Own Business. View the demonstration on how to export transactions.

Helpful functions

Make more of your money
  • Make your tax refund money work harder for you by taking advantage of our online term deposit. You can open a term deposit online in less than 5 minutes, and view your new account through NetBank.

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