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What's an ATM deposit code?

Last updated 22 March 2019

It’s a reusable, scannable code prefilled with the account holder’s deposit details. Codes can be set up in NetBank, the CommBank app and CommBiz, and sent via email, SMS or to print. The person making the deposit then scans the code at one of our CommBank ATMs with instant deposit.

To create a code in Netbank or via the CommBank app, you will need an eligible account linked in NetBank or the CommBank app.

To create a code:

  • Log on to NetBank > Transfers & BPAY > ATM Deposit Codes
  • Log on to CommBiz > Accounts > ATM Deposit Codes
  • Log on to the CommBank app > Tap top left menu > ATM Deposit Codes

To send the code directly to a depositor you’ll need their email address or mobile phone number.

Note: You may be asked to identify yourself in a branch when you set up your first ATM Deposit Code. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to continue creating Deposit Codes online.

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