Transaction Processing for the Easter Holidays


With the Easter public holidays fast approaching, please note the dates that will appear on your statements and transaction listings for any transactions you make may be affected.

How will this affect my transactions?

Any transactions that are processed during the following times will be dated Tuesday 14 April 2009 on your statements and transaction listings, and will be viewable on Wednesday 15 April 2009:

  • After 6pm (Sydney time) on Thursday 9 April 2009;
  • Anytime between Friday 10 April and Monday 13 April 2009;
  • Before 6pm (Sydney time) Tuesday 14 April 2009.

What about transactions to other Australian financial institutions?

If you transfer funds to another Australian financial institution during the above mentioned times, your transaction will be sent on the next business day and will generally be available in the recipient’s account within the next 1-2 business days.

Will my ‘available balance’ be updated?

Yes, during this time your ‘available balance’ will be updated immediately when you make the transaction.

However, if you are requesting an International Money Transfer via NetBank, your ‘available balance’ will not be reduced until the transaction is processed (sent) on the next business day.

What about scheduled transactions?

  • Any NetBank Schedules due on 10 April – 13 April, will be processed on that applicable date and the ‘available balance’ and ‘account balance’ will be updated immediately.
  • Any NetBank Schedules that have failed previous attempts (due to lack of funds) and are due to be re-tried on 10 April – 13 April, will be processed on Tuesday 14 April.

Please take these processing times into consideration when making transactions in NetBank during these Easter holidays.