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Studying & starting a career

Here are some tips to help make your money stretch a little further when you're studying.

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Here's a quick guide to finding a job that suits you while you study. 

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Tips and quick guides to help you get ready for the working world. 

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Quick guide to where to live when studying: on-campus, share houses and living at home. 

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 Enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of banking products with Student Options.

 Pay no annual fee when you study full time, with our Student Credit Card.

 Try our student budget calculator and see how much you can save.

 Access extra cash when you need it, with an overdraft.


Moving from overseas & travelling

Tips for students and young adults travelling overseas

If you’re moving to Australia to study, we've got all the information you need, including how to open a bank account before you arrive. 

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Got the travel bug? See our guide to gap years, study breaks and solo adventures. 

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Packing, planning, spending, accommodation, travelling safely and getting the most of your trip.

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If you're saving for a holiday, careful budgeting and creating a savings goal will keep you on track.

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 Travel Money Cards are a secure, convenient way to access money overseas.

 Take some local currency with you, so you're not caught without cash when you arrive.

 Whether you're looking to buy a car or go on holidays, we have a personal loan to suit.

Most popular...

If you're thinking about borrowing from a bank, here are some tips to help you start to build a good financial history. 

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Whether it's into a sharehouse, renting alone or buying your first place, here's a quick guide to leaving home for the first time. 

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Here's what to think about when buying your first car to help ensure you end up with a good buy (and not a lemon).

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