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Interest Offset

Reduce your interest repayments and pay off your loan faster; with our MISA or Everyday Offset

Mortgage Interest Saver Account (MISA)

Commonwealth Bank Mortgage Interest Saver Account (MISA) is a feature linked to eligible home loans. The balance of your MISA is offset against the balance of your home loan which reduces the interest you pay on your home loan.  It could end up saving you thousands of dollars in interest and cut years from the term of your home loan.

The MISA is available with the following Home Loan options:

  • Full (100%) offset against a Standard Variable Rate
  • Partial offset (currently 1.5% p.a.) against Fixed Rate, excluding Interest in Advance
  • Full (100%) offset against a 12 Month Discounted Variable Rate
  • Full (100%) offset against a 1 Year Guaranteed Rate


Full offset means that interest is not charged on that part of the Home Loan account equal to the balance of the MISA. Partial offset means that a reduced interest rate (currently 1.5% p.a. less than your contracted fixed interest rate) is charged on that part of the Home Loan account equal to the balance of the MISA. For the interest offset to apply there must be a minimum of $1,000 in the MISA account. 

MISA is not available on Economiser (including 3 Year Special Economiser) home and investment home loans, No Fee Variable Rate home and investment home loans or Viridian Line of Credit.

MISA allows you to withdraw your money quickly and conveniently and best of all, there are no fees. There is however a minimum withdrawal of $500. 

Because your MISA is offset against your home loan balance, no interest is 'earned' on MISA and no income tax is payable.

You can get fee-free access online at NetBank, phone banking, at selected ATMs, EFTPOS, Australia Post EFTPOB terminals or drop in to any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Activate your MISA today

You can activate and use the MISA at any time as soon as your home loan has been funded. To begin using this feature, simply log onto NetBank and transfer funds to the MISA by including the MISA BSB number “062383” in the BSB field and your Home Loan number in the Account Number field, or visit a Commonwealth Bank Branch.

For greater convenience, the MISA is set up so that any borrower to the linked Home Loan account can access the MISA individually.  You can change the level of access, or link the MISA to your Commonwealth Bank card at any time by contacting us.

Complete Access account with the Everyday Offset feature

Everyday Offset is available with Standard Variable Rate Home/Investment Home Loans and offers:

  • Full (100%) offset, which means that interest is not charged on that part of the home loan balance equal to the balance of the Everyday Offset
  • Ability to link your home loan to multiple individual and joint accounts with Everyday Offset in the same name(s) or combination of names as your linked home loan for one initial linking fee ($95) and one monthly fee ($10)
  • There is no minimum holding balance required; every cent in your linked accounts with Everyday Offset will offset the balance of your home loan.
  • Accounts with Everyday Offset, provides full transactional capability and real time banking with NetBank and the CommBank app.


For more information, simply phone 13 2224 or email our lending experts.

  • Important Information
    As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions for the transaction and savings accounts mentioned are available on request. If you have a complaint, the Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.