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Become familiar with NetBank's advanced features via these easy interactive demos. Simply click a topic that interests you from the selection below.

Overview of NetBank - Explore a range of NetBank features.


Export transactions - Put transaction data into an accounting application.


Transfer money - Transfer money from your account.

Multiple transfers  - Make several different transfers easily.

Transfer groups - Make bulk transfers to groups of accounts.

Scheduled transfers - Stay on top of your finances by planning ahead for recurring or one-off payments.

Import payment files - Import transfer data from an accounting application.


Pay bill - Pay your bills online.

Pay multiple bills - An easy way to pay several bills at once.

BPAY View - Receive and pay (viewable) bills online.

Scheduled bill payments  - Schedule bill payments for a future date or dates.


Secure Internet Shopping - Enhanced protection with NetCode for shopping online.


Change password - Change your NetBank password.

NetCode SMS and NetCode notifications - Added security and convenience with our free NetCode service.

NetCode Token

My info

My contact details - View and update your contact details.