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Import payment files

Step 1 - Import payment files

Welcome to the ‘import files’ demo. Simply read the prompts at the top of each screen, then scroll down and complete the tasks inside the box below.

Rather than entering some of the details for transfer groups manually, you have the option to import a data file.

Files you can import include any file that is in the Australian Payment Clearing Association (APCA) format. This is supported by most payroll and accounting software.

Select file

On the ‘import file' page, select a file on your computer by clicking the ‘Browse' button. Your browser will then provide you with a window for the selection of the file required.

When you locate a file you want to import (for this demo it can be any file), select it. You should then see the file's name in the ‘File name' field. Click the ‘Import' button.



Import file

To import a file into NetBank:
  Select Browse and then select the file you want to import from the dialog box.
  Select Import.