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What do I need to use the CommBank app?

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Last updated 15 May 2018

To use the CommBank app you'll need:

  • Your NetBank client number, password and be registered for NetCode
  • An active mobile phone number enabled for cellular or wireless internet connection
  • One of the following smart phones or tablets:

        - An iPhone (with iOS version 9.0 or more recent) or an Android phone (with Android version 4.4 or more recent);
        - An iPad (with iOS version 7.0 or more recent) or an Android tablet (with Android version 4.4 or more recent);

  • A Commonwealth Bank transaction account if you want to make payments.

If you're not registered for NetBank or NetCode SMS, please contact us at any time to set this up.

Note: if you're not registered for NetCode you can still download the CommBank app on your mobile device, however, you'll only have access to limited features such as tools, calculators, generic offers and other CommBank links, NetCode SMS is required for the CommBank app for tablet.


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